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Made-in-the-Maritimes drama series 'Sullivan’s Crossing' returns for season 2


The hit drama series “Sullivan’s Crossing” returns this Sunday after season one left fans on the edge of their seats.

“It’s heavy hitting. There are some real gritty real life issues that are being depicted in real ways and I don't think people expect that,” actor Scott Paterson tells CTV’s Katie Kelly.

The cast of the show said viewers can expect an action packed season two.

“It is fast and a lot. It’s coming every story line,” said actor Chad Michael Murray. “I think Cal knows his feelings. I mean, he's discovered this, he's sure of it, and he's able to move forward now.”

“There may or may not be further drama depictions of Sully’s struggles,” said Patterson.

“I think that Maggie gets to focus a little bit more on what feels right for her heart, but that is not an easy journey and it's not so good,” said actress Morgan Kohan.

CTV's Katie Kelly speaks with “Sullivan’s Crossing” actress Morgan Kohan. (Katie Kelly/CTV Atlantic)

Michael Murray said he has enjoyed filming the show in Nova Scotia.

“The crew, we have the most amazing crew here in Nova Scotia and Halifax. It’s Nova Scotia as a whole, this is the place that we feel most at home.”

American actors Scott Patterson and Chad Michael Murray have previously worked together on hit series “Gilmore Girls” in the early 2000s.

"Sullivan's Crossing" actors Scott Patterson, Morgan Kohan and Chad Michael Murray are pictured. (

“Chad is one of my favourite people. It was really good to reconnect with him,” said Patterson.

The cast said the whole “Sullivan’s Crossing” experience has been amazing and they look forward to what the future holds.

“It’s a great moment and it's just the beginning of god willing, the long ride, where we can take everybody on an incredible adventure, the touching adventure,” said Michael Murray.

“I think any show is lucky to get a second season and it just, it feels so good, cozy, warm, happy, squeezy, supported, wonderfulness coming back,” said Kohan.

“Sullivan’s Crossing” premieres this Sunday on CTV. Top Stories

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