HALIFAX -- Teddy is top of mind in Nova Scotia.

On the shore lines, in emergency command centres and on construction sites, people are preparing for the post-tropical storm to arrive.

Construction sites are on alert for the storm and on the harbour boaters were seeking shelter.

Halifax Regional Municipality emergency manager Erica Fleck says there are lots of unknowns. What the emergency manager does expect are power outages. 

"The trees won't be uprooted, so to speak, but we'll still have a lot of broken limbs, broken branches, coming down," Fleck said. "So we do know we'll have some power outages."

If there are widespread power outages, the severity of the wind could affect how long it takes for repairs to be made.

"If the winds are too strong, we will do risk assessments and stand crews down until the winds have passed," said Matt Drover of Nova Scotia Power. "And as soon as the winds have passed, we'll restore power as quickly as we can."

The Canadian Red Cross is getting ready in the event they're called upon to help.

"We're preparing the volunteers who are available to respond and are on standby currently until we have a better sense of what Teddy has to bring," said Sarah Parisio of Canadian Red Cross. "And we're also preparing our supplies."

Having enough for you and everybody in your home to stay safe over a three-day period is still key.

If you have an emergency plan you may have to update it on account of the pandemic

"If you had a plan last year to stay with people whose home you don't have a separate space in, you may have to rethink that plan and consider other options," Parisio said.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Sarah Plowman