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NS Power customer shocked after being billed for over $1,000


Laura Broom has been living in her apartment in North End Halifax for three years, electricity is not included in her rent but her bill has always been consistent.

“It’s usually around $200, in this case it was over $1,000,” Broom says. “That’s a big chunk of money to have to have upfront right now, right today.”

She opened the shocking bill just after a smart meter was installed to replace her old one.

“It was because my meter had not been read in three years, so they explained to me that this was the difference between the usage that had been estimated for three years and my actual usage,” says Broom.

Broom says it’s not her fault the old meter wasn't read, and she doesn't feel she should pay for what she believes is Nova Scotia Power's mistake.

“Three years go by and finally you’re asking for this money, it seems a bit excessive of a timeframe.”

The other issue is that the three years of underpayment is being billed at the current 2024 rate.

“This amount is over a three-year period, so if you do the math it’s about $900 of extra usage if you take away my normal monthly bill,” says Broom.

“The situation that we’re talking about today is a very unique situation,” says Chris Lanteigne, Nova Scotia Power’s director of customer care.

Still, Lanteigne says it's up to the customer to make sure they're paying what they're supposed to.

“In a scenario where a bill has been estimated, and we get a true read, we would bill back to the time where the bill was estimated to make sure that the customer is paying the amount that they do owe.”

That bill could at least be reduced, Lanteigne does admit there may have been a miscalculation on the amount Broom owes.

“We will work with this customer to ensure that the energy used will be charged for the time period where it was used.”

Broom spoke with customer service about the issue and was offered a payment plan. Lanteigne says the utility will reach out to make sure she is paying the correct amount.

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