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Montreal Canadiens superstar Carey Price on his life outside of hockey during visit to Halifax


NHL superstar and goalie for the Montreal Canadiens, Carey Price, was recently in Halifax to take part in the Progress Club’s Sports Charity Dinner, which raises money for various charities around the city.

While he may not be a frequent flier to this part of the country, Price says he’s enjoyed the Maritime hospitality during his visit.

“I came down here last spring to go fishing, I really enjoyed my time. The hospitality was great, I met a lot of very nice people and really enjoyed spending some time here. I love seeing different parts of the country,” said Price in an interview with CTV’s Paul Hollingsworth on Thursday.

Now that he’s likely entering the post-playing part of his career, Price says his life has taken a big turn.

“Parenting. I have three children under seven, so I really enjoy spending my time with them and watching them grow up, you know as a hockey player you spend a lot of time on the road and at work, so I really just enjoyed being present with my children,” said Price.

With a career spanning around 15 seasons, hockey has taken up a significant part of Price’s life, up until a knee injury nearly two years ago took him off the ice for good.

Despite the injuries, Price says he’s feeling good, other than the occasional reminder of his age.

“I feel good, really on a day-to-day level I feel like I could still go tear it up, but then I’ll go skate with my kids and get a gentle reminder that I’m not 20 anymore,” said Price.

Price says injuries are something athletes should take more seriously, especially where they seem to be becoming more common in sports.

“I’m definitely open to talking to people about it, it’s something you’re seeing to be a little bit more prevalent, and I think it’s important for guys to understand that your health should be coming first,” said Price.

“Health and family are the most important things in life and I think it’s really important that guys recognize that and are able to take a step back and take care of yourself.”

While his on-ice career has come to a close, Price says he does eventually see himself coming back to work with the Montreal Canadiens off of the ice.

“I definitely have that door open, I still love the game, body’s telling me to do something else but it’s something I’m definitely open to in the future,” Price said, adding that his family is his main priority at the moment.

“Like I said, I really enjoy being present with my children at this time, they’re at an age where they want to hang out with dad, so I’m going to soak that in as much as possible, and then when dad’s not cool enough to hang out with eventually I’ll probably start doing something else.”

Even after being off the ice for nearly two years, Price says it’s sometimes still hard to process what he’s done in his career.

“It feels like a lifetime, you know you always hear from people how quickly time flies. It doesn’t seem like too long ago that my name was called and I was walking up the stairs in that red shirt, I’m just very grateful for the time that I did have,” said Price.

“I know it doesn’t happen for everyone so I’m just really thankful for the time that I’ve had.”

With files from CTV's Paul Hollingsworth.

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