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Warm May week ahead with periods of showers, chance of thunderstorms for the Maritimes

Pedestrians shield themselves from heavy rain falling in Halifax in this file photo. (Source: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese) Pedestrians shield themselves from heavy rain falling in Halifax in this file photo. (Source: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese)

Average daily high temperatures this far into May range from 16-to-20 C for the Maritimes. High temperatures this week, through Saturday, will reach the low-to-high twenties, though it will be cooler for coastal areas due to ocean breezes. A turn to northeast winds, increasing cloud, and returning showers look to bring temperatures back down to or even a touch below average Sunday across the Maritimes. For the gardeners, as things currently stand no overnight frost is expected this week.

There will be some mugginess in the air over the next few days. Drier, less humid air will filter back Friday into Saturday.

A warm, somewhat muggy day away from coastal areas on Tuesday. (Source: CTV News Atlantic)

Showers and thunderstorms

Some periods of showery weather are expected this week.

Wednesday afternoon will see scattered showers with a risk of small thunderstorms develop in New Brunswick. There will be a low chance of isolated showers for both Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

A weather front off a low pressure system moving through Quebec returns rain to parts of New Brunswick on Thursday and brings a chance of showers to both Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Ten-to-30 mm of rain is possible for parts of New Brunswick, but Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will likely see less in most cases. There is risk of small thunderstorms within the rain for New Brunswick.

Friday has a chance of spring time pop-up showers developing in the afternoon. The coverage of those showers would be widely scattered across the Maritimes. There may be a chance some of the showers could develop into small, brief thunderstorms.

It looks like Thursday has the best chance of seeing rain/showers a bit more widespread across the region. Even then, rain totals through Friday in excess of 10 mm are likely only going to occur in pockets and most likely in New Brunswick.

Through Friday it is parts of New Brunswick that have the best chance of picking up 10 or more millimetres of rain, mostly due to the arrival of a more widespread rain or showers on Thursday. (Source: CTV News Atlantic)

Wildfire danger outlook

The fire danger index produced by Natural Resources Canada was rated as moderate-to-high across the Maritimes on Tuesday afternoon. The fire danger index is forecasted to be at a similar level on Wednesday. Rain and showers are expected to reduce the index in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island on Thursday. Remember to check provincial and municipal restrictions and guidelines on outdoor fires before any burning, which are typically updated daily at 2 p.m.

I’ll have regional weather conditions, updates, and timelines daily on CTV News Atlantic 5, 6, and 11:30 p.m.

The national fire danger rating for Tuesday, May 21, 2024, as posted by Natural Resources Canada Top Stories

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