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Murphy's Logic: Assuring the protection of our democracy is PM Trudeau's job


David Johnston is a brilliant and honourable man, who served with distinction as Canada's 28th governor-general.

He is also on friendly and familiar terms with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which may be one of the reasons the PM tapped him to look into allegations that China interfered in Canada's 2019 and 2021 federal elections.

The appointment created at least the appearance that he might do the prime minister's bidding — and rule a public inquiry into the allegations is not necessary.

And that's what he has concluded, though I doubt he did it to satisfy a political agenda. He even makes some compelling arguments against what could be a very public airing of very private and sensitive material.

The fair-minded can debate Johnston's objectivity or his conclusions — or both.

But the real issue is that Johnston shouldn't have been asked to make this decision in the first place. The prime minister did so to avoid making the decision himself and that most certainly was for political reasons. Trudeau knew he'd be damned no matter what he decided.

Now it's Johnston who's bearing the brunt of the criticism, rendering his offer to hold public hearings himself of considerably diminished value.

It's not too late for the prime minister to do what he could have done in the first place — order an inquiry to assure Canadians that our security system is protecting our democracy.

That is his job. Top Stories


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