Throughout the years, love stories on the big screen have produced some iconic images of romance, like Jack and Rose on the bow of the Titanic, the upside down kiss in “Spider-Man,” and the pottery scene between Demi Moore and Patrick Swazye in the movie “Ghost.”

Now, some Maritime couples are getting the chance to recreate one of those iconic scenes.

The Thrown Together Pottery and Art studio in Truro, N.S. is offering couples the chance to have some romantic play with clay, just like Patrick and Demi.

“Probably every second or third person that walks through the door brings up the movie “Ghost,” says potter Danielle Sawada. “They’ll be like, ‘oh, I’ve always wanted to do this, since I saw the movie “Ghost.” Can I bring my husband?’”

After years of hearing the same question over and over again, Sawada decided to give her customers what they wanted and allow them to come into her studio and recreate the magic movie moment.

“I had heard about it so often, that I thought, ‘you know what? Let’s embrace and go with it and have some fun,’” says Sawada. “I thought, what better time than Valentine’s Day?”

Crystal and Dave Fullerton thought it would be fun to give the pottery wheel a spin.

“Oh, it was great,” says Crystal Fullerton, who is a big fan of the movie. “It was very romantic and what’s not to like?”

“I always love hugging my wife and understanding what she does for art, so it’s very interesting,” says Dave Fullerton.

After the couples’ creations are fired and glazed, they get to take them home. What happens next is up to them.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh