A Nova Scotia woman is looking for answers after the cottage built by her late husband was lost in a fire over the weekend.

Lynn Connors says the cottage in Trafalgar, N.S., was built 12 years ago and was her husband’s dream home.

“He worked hard all his life,” says Connors. “After we lost him so suddenly, we could feel his spirit here."

Remnants of the pottery Connors collected over the years has all been destroyed. She says irreplaceable antiques were also lost.

"We went to Europe twice, we shipped stuff back, and that was for here. That's what it was for," says Connors.

Police believe the fire was deliberately set by thieves.

"We believe, at this point in the investigation, that two individuals broke into the cottage, a seasonal residence, and set fire to the home upon leaving," says Cpl. Jennifer Clarke of Nova Scotia RCMP.

Connors says there have been break-ins before. Officers have released photos of the suspects with hopes of bringing them to justice.

"In order to perhaps get some information from the public about the identity of the two individuals that were seen," says Clarke.

Connors says she has insurance, but money won’t be able to replace the precious memories lost.

"I don't have a thing, not a thing to remember him by."

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.