HALIFAX -- A Nova Scotia woman is teaching the world how to make cinnamon rolls and the internet is devouring her now Facebook-famous recipe.

Mary Janet MacDonald’s cinnamon roll recipe has always been famous in the eyes of her children.

One day her daughter suggested she share the recipe via Facebook Live. Despite having never done a livestream before, MacDonald was in.

“It’s changed a lot in my world,” says MacDonald.

MacDonald’s video, which welcomed viewers into her Port Hood, N.S. kitchen, took on a life of its own. To date, it has been viewed over 60,000 times.

“I have been swamped with friend requests and people who shared their cinnamon roll pictures with me and families that were cooking and baking together. It’s just warmed my heart,” says MacDonald.

The overwhelming response has inspired MacDonald to create her own Facebook fan page and YouTube channel, where she shares new recipes every Sunday.

“Sometimes you hear from people who say, ‘I could never make that,’” says MacDonald.

“When you finally do it step-by-step it’s so easy. I’m glad to share my methods, which are so simple, and to see them with their finished products and they’re loving it.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, MacDonald feels honoured to play a small role in helping bring joy, entertainment, and tasty treats to the Maritimes and beyond.

“I’ve had so many families cooking together and saying this reminds me of my grandma. It’s just really nice to know they’re cooking together and having fun.”