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New Brunswickers now need to dial 10 digits to make local calls


People in New Brunswick now need to dial 10 digits -- the area code followed by the seven-digit phone number -- to make local phone calls.

The change, which took effect Friday, affects all residents and businesses in the province.

The move is a result of a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decision, which introduced the addition of the new 428 area code for the province.

Starting April 29, the new 428 area code will be added in New Brunswick and will coexist with the current 506 area code.

Those with 506 area codes will keep their original phone numbers. The 428 area code will only be assigned when the existing inventory of 506 numbers runs out.

"An area code has about eight-million phone numbers. Essentially, we're running out and need to get another area code and that will give another eight-million numbers," said Kelly T. Walsh with Canadian Numbering Administrator.

"So, while it might be nice to make the next number ‘506,’ that's not something you can do. We have to take from the pool we have and we have to make sure it's not technically problematic when we assign it."

The Telecommunications Alliance, a group of major Canadian communications companies, led a campaign to inform residents and businesses across New Brunswick about local 10-digit dialling and the new area code.

The group says residents and businesses should add the 506 area code to programmed numbers in all of their communications devices and equipment, including landlines and cellphones, auto-dialers, computers, alarm systems and lifeline equipment.

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island introduced 10-digit dialing in 2014. Top Stories

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