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New funding made available to help N.S. home owners switch from oil to heat pumps


Halifax Member of Parliament Andy Fillmore has announced a new government funded affordability program, to further incentivize Nova Scotians to get off oil and switch to heat pumps.

“It will cover the full average cost of installing a heat pump, including up to $15,000 from the government of Canada,” said Fillmore, who added the province of Nova Scotia will chip in another $15,000.

Each household is eligible to apply for a maximum of $30,000 from two levels of government.

“With this funding, low-medium income households can apply to get full cost of switching to heat pumps covered,” said N.S. Minister of Natural Resources & Renewables Tory Rushton.

Successful applicants will also receive a one time upfront payment of $250 and money will go toward the heat pump cost, installation, electrical upgrades and oil tank removal.

Brodie Sampson owns a company that installs heat pumps.

“It is to the tune of thousands each year that they are saving, by getting off of oil,” said Sampson who also said this new funding announcement, offers enough money for people to make the transition to heat pumps. “It is plenty and it will give customers flexibility to get off oil and go to a high quality heat pump system.”

The upfront cost of a heat pump is expensive.

Most homeowners would have to get paid directly from the government before making the switch from oil to the heat pump.

“Some businesses are eligible to have efficiency, pay us directly,” said Sampson, who added many companies still do not.

Sampson also said, there is now a healthy supply of heat pumps in the Maritimes to allow people to make the switch.

As for the previous version of the Oil to Heat Pump affordability program from 2023, people who applied, can still apply to this program and receive even more levels of financial assistance.

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