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P.E.I. teen charged in connection with death of Tyson MacDonald sentenced in court


The teen charged with mischief and obstruction in the investigation into the disappearance of Tyson McDonald was sentenced in court Friday in Georgetown, P.E.I.

The youth, who appeared in cuffs and shackles and was escorted into the court by sheriffs, will serve:

  • two months in custody in the provincial correctional centre
  • one month of community supervision
  • 12 months of probation

The courtroom was full of friends and family of both the accused and Tyson McDonald, the teen killed in December.

The teen was originally charged with the murder, but those charges were stayed after the youth pleaded guilty to mischief and obstruction of police.

Tyson McDonald was the subject of a five day manhunt in eastern Prince Edward Island at the end of last year. His body was ultimately found in a wooded area south of Montague, P.E.I. Police say he died before the search began.

“The false hope that all of the community members had about the fact that the potential that this young person who was deceased might be still with us and might be still out there,” said Jeff MacDonald, Crown prosecutor.

“The desperate search that occurred to try to find that young person and, I think, to the devastation of the community.”

Ten victim and community impact statements were put on the record, including from McDonald’s parents. Neither were able to take the stand, but their words were read into the record for the accused to hear.

“I’ve cried every day since,” said Amanda MacDonald, Tyson’s Mother.

“Such a cowardly act,” said Kent MacDonald, Tyson’s Father.

MacDonald’s sisters did speak in the courtroom, looking the accused in the eye.

“Tyson would have forgiven him… for me, forgiveness will never be given,” said Brittany MacDonald, Tyson’s sister.

“Tyson is not going to come home. This pain is something that will never end,” said Sierra MacDonald, Tyson’s sister.

Near the end of the proceedings the accused spoke.

“I am truly sorry for the harm I caused. I would go back, but I know I cannot,” said the accused.

Any details which could identify the teen are protected under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

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