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Prospect Road fire 'knocked down,' but not yet under control: Halifax deputy fire chief

Halifax deputy fire chief David Meldrum says a new fire started Thursday afternoon on Prospect Road, near St. Margaret’s Bay Road, and “a large area of forest and brush are involved.”

However, Meldrum says the fire has been “knocked down.”

“In our lingo, this means the initial flames have been knocked down by an offensive attack,” Meldrum said.

“It does not mean under control.”

Most of the open flame has been put out and firefighters are now dealing with smoldering fires. They will have to dig them out and knock out hot spots in order to ensure “complete extinguishment,” Meldrum said.

Thursday has proved to be a “very, very busy day” for Halifax-area firefighters, the deputy fire chief said.

“We’re receiving very high call volume this afternoon and we’ve had 12 outside fires since noon today.”

In addition to the fire at Prospect Road, there’s been a massive structural fire at the Waegwoltic Club in south-end Halifax and a new brush fire in Fall River.

Out-of-control wildfires continue to burn throughout Nova Scotia. The largest of which is in Shelburne County and has grown to more than 20,000 hectares in size.  

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