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Rockwool Sail Grand Prix mural in Halifax highlights importance of protecting, restoring the ocean


The inaugural Rockwool Sail Grand Prix week kicked off in Halifax Monday with the unveiling of the new mural.

Members of the Canada SailGP Team and Karla Nicholson, executive director of the Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association (QRMDA), cut the ribbon for the mural.

Nicholson says she's been looking forward to the unveiling.

"So excited. I've been bragging about it for two months now and it's finally come to fruition... and the message itself is just so powerful. I'm really proud to be a part of this talk about ocean conservation," she said.

(SOURCE: Facebook/ Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association)

The mural, which can be seen at the corner of Quinpool Road and Preston Street, was created by a team of Halifax artists. Its unique design highlights the importance of protecting and restoring the ocean.

"Well, for us, as Rockwool, when we go around the world with SailGP, we like to connect to people locally. We like to leave an impact and lasting legacy when we leave town and go to the next race," said Jonno Turner, marketing director of Rockwool Denmark SailGP.

"So for us, it's really important to raise a bit of awareness around ocean health and make a bit of noise about the amazing racing that's going to take place on the waterfront. Hopefully inspire a few people to think differently about our ocean and how we can protect it."

Turner says so far, the response to the race in Halifax has been exceptional.

"We visit some amazing places on this SailGP calendar, but I don't think there's ever been a city where the tickets have sold out faster than it takes to actually sail a SailGP race, which is about 15 minutes, and I think that happened in Halifax," he said.

"So, hats off, amazing response and we're really excited about the weekend and hopefully it's going to be a noisy one."

(SOURCE: Facebook/ Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association)

Billy Gooderham with the Canada SailGP Team says the support from Halifax is just added motivation when it comes to race day.

"We sale all over the world so doing it at home is going to be something really special," said Gooderham.

Gooderham's teammate, Jareese Finch, is a grinder – an important job during the race.

"We are the ones that work really hard at the front of the boat. You see us moving around and spinning our arms around and we're a bit of the powerhouses so, we're the ones up there that are pushing hard," explained Finch.

The Halifax SailGP event is the eleventh stop on the world circuit.

The catamaran races take place this Saturday and Sunday on the Halifax Harbour, which can be watched from both Dartmouth and Halifax. The race will also be broadcast on TSN.

This weekend also marks history for Halifax, serving as the host to Rockwool Sail Grand Prix’s Canadian debut.

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