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Star Trek superfan turns his home into a Trekkie’s dream


As many Star Trek fans may know, Friday was “First Contact Day,” but one superfan got to spend the day in his own starship.

Jason Roach, also known as Captain Jay Roach, is about as big of a Star Trek fan as they come. In fact, he’s even turned his home into his own “U.S.S. Enterprise,” which he’s dubbed the “U.S.S. Acadia.”

“I’ve been a Star Trek fan all my life,” Roach said in an interview with CTV’s Mike Lamb.

Roach said when he first saw “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” as a kid, he was hooked by the U.S.S. Enterprise.

“I said, ‘Well, I want one,’” Roach added. “After all the years of collecting and whatnot I finally decided to put this together and built a fully functional – sort of – Star Trek house.”

A U.S.S. Enterprise Plaque sits on the wall of Jason Roach's room, which he has turned into his own Enterprise.

Roach controls the house with seven Alexa Dots, which are voice activated and can be used for anything from turning the lights on and off to initiating a starting sequence for his “ship.”

“Whatever you can do on the show, I can program the house to mimic it,” said Roach.

“It’s no different from a Jay’s room or a Leaf’s room, Star Trek’s my thing.”

While it may only be science-fiction, Roach said there is a message in Star Trek which many can find value in.

“I think the message of Star Trek is hope, hope for the future, hope that we can solve all our issues and our problems,” he said.

“We’ve gone out into space and we’re meeting all these new people, and new races, and we’re going out to the stars, and we’re exploring the final frontier.” Top Stories

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