One student was sent to hospital and more than 1,000 people were left without power after a school bus left the road, struck a power pole, and ended up on its side in the Halifax area Wednesday morning.

Emergency crews responded to the crash on Old Sambro Road around 8 a.m.

“The driver was pulling the bus over to the side of the road and, from what we can tell at this point, as the wheels hit the shoulder there was an embankment. The bus tipped over into the embankment,” said Doug Hadley, spokesperson for the Halifax Regional Centre for Education.

“It did hit a telephone pole with some live wires above it and that was our major concern. They’ve since been isolated,” said Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency District Chief Scott Shaffner.

Shaffner said the bus, which was headed for Herring Cove Junior High School, was carrying the driver and 11 students. They had already evacuated the bus when crews arrived on scene.

“They must have had a plan and the plan seemed to have worked because all the kids were removed from the bus,” said Shaffner. “They’ve all been checked out.”

One student was sent to hospital with minor injuries.

While no one was seriously injured, at least one parent said the incident has her questioning the safety of bussing children to school.

“The bus driver got our children out safe and everybody’s OK, but it just, it does really bother me that I sent him to school to be safe and he crashed and it could have been so much worse,” said Angela Turple, whose son was on the bus. “I probably will drive him from now on.”

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education says the students were taken to school on another bus.

Nova Scotia Power crews also responded to the scene. Roughly 1,040 customers in the area are affected by the power outage due to the downed wires.

Police are investigating the incident but say they don’t expect to lay charges. Stock Transportation said it is cooperating with local authorities as they investigate.

“The safety of our students is our top priority,” said the company. “We remain steadfast and committed to transporting students safely to and from school.”

Stock didn’t comment on the condition of the driver.

Old Sambro Road was closed to traffic between Club Road and White Head Road for several hours Wednesday morning. It has since reopened.