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The cat's pajamas: N.S. woman creates feline clothing line


Kristen Janssen noticed a gap in the market when it came to stylish cat clothes.

The Nova Scotia sphynx breeder started making garments to keep her hairless cats warm, but now, her crafty creations are in high demand online.

Janssen originally started making cat clothes for the kittens she would adopt out. She would often get questions on where people can buy more.

"I would go to the pet store and try to buy an outfit for my older cats, and the pet stores are more geared towards dogs and fitting different breeds of dogs,” she said.

"Then the lightbulb went off and I said 'maybe we should just do up a line and start offering them for the general public.'"

Janssen recently launched a store to sell her wares on Etsy under Special K Customs. Some of her pieces are also available at local store Barkside Pet Supplies in Burnside.

"We're a completely size inclusive line, so it doesn’t matter how tiny, how skinny or how fluffy your cat is, we can accommodate anything and everything," Janssen said.

Currently, Special K has four different designs – t-shirts, long sleeves, four-legged pajamas, and hoodies. Janssen is also in the process of creating bathrobes and dresses.

She's planning to expand the line in the fall to include clothing for larger dogs.

"I just love bringing that little bit of joy and knowing that something that I created out of my small town living room sewing machine shop is now in Texas, or California, or Alaska," she said. Top Stories

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