As friends and family prepare to lay a Nova Scotia truck driver to rest, questions are still swirling about the accident that took his life.

Michael Wile died on Monday when his dump truck slid into the Halifax Harbour.

The truck was recovered Wednesday, and dumping at the site resumed Thursday, although a stop-work order remains in effect at the site for the company that employed the victim.

Labi Kousoulis, the province's Labour Minister, insists details on what happened will be made public as soon as the investigation has wrapped up.

After several days of limited traffic, the trucks are once again flying in and out of Fairview Cove, not so much a project as it is a dumping ground for excavated bedrock.

Slowly but surely, contractors have filled in several acres of Halifax Harbour, but the Halifax Port Authority insists it has no plans for the newly created space.

Dozens of trucks a day unload at the site, but on Monday, something went terribly wrong.

The body of the driver, identified as 44-year-old Michael Wile by his friends, was found near the A. Murray MacKay Bridge.

On Wednesday, it took three tow trucks, an excavator, and a dive team most of the day to retrieve a 10,000-pound dump truck that was submerged in water.

After half-a-century in the trucking business, Vernon Kynock is well aware of the hazards of the profession and that any number of things can go wrong.

“The ground giving way, the hoist breaks on the truck, your brakes give out on your truck, your tailgate doesn't open, you know, and your truck goes up backwards,” Kynock said.

Kousoulis would not comment on the operations at the site.

“I’m not a safety officer, so I don't know what all the rules are in terms of what sort of site you need in order to dump the rock into the harbour.”

Still, the minister insists experts will look at all of that as they investigate the tragic incident, and the final report will be made public when he's got it.

As for the stop-work order, the department says it remains in effect, but only applies to Scotiascapes Landscaping Inc.’s activities at the site of the incident.

The Labour Department says the truck has been seized as part of the ongoing investigation and there’s no word how long that will take.
So, while it appears to be business as usual in Fairview Cove, it’s anything but for the family of a man who regularly made a living here.

Friends and family of Mike Wile are preparing for his funeral which will be held Saturday in Summerville.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko.