SAINT JOHN -- Two weeks ago, a federal inmate left Saint John's Parrtown Community Correctional Centre, and he hasn't come back.

"We'd like to return him to Parrtown as quickly as we can," said Saint John Police Force spokesman Jim Hennessy.

Twenty-one-year-old Dylan Nicholas McNamara was serving a sentence for armed robbery, and now, police are warning that he's unlawfully at large.

He's not the first to do walk away from the facility. According to police, it's not even McNamara's first time being at large this year.

This has become something of a familiar story in Saint John.

"There are curfews that they're placed under as well," said Hennessy. "We hope, again, that they abide by the rules when we set them out for them, and when Corrections Canada sets out the regulations for them as well, but sometimes they just don't."

McNamara is the latest in a list of inmates who have failed to return to the facility, and police have issued numerous similar notices this year.

The Parrtown Community Correctional Centre is a federal facility that can house up to 26 inmates at a time and has two parole officers on staff.

There's also a parole officer supervisor at the centre, but Carol Osborne, the regional vice-president for the Union of Safety and Justice Employees, says the facility is short-staffed. 

"I'm seeing burnout," says Osborne. "I'm seeing people going off on extended sick leave, so it's definitely having an impact on them."

Osborne says, before the federal deficit action reduction plan, the ratio was one parole officer for eight offenders.

"Right now, the ratio is at one to 13, so that's what we're asking for," Osborne said.

Police are asking for the public's help in finding McNamara. Anyone with information is asked to contact police or crime stoppers.

CTV News reached out to the Correctional Service of Canada for comment, but did not receive a response in time to be included in this story.