When it comes to sports, the London Olympic Games are dominating the headlines, but amidst the festivities across the pond, a high-profile golf tournament is also turning heads in Nova Scotia.

The 2012 TELUS World Skins Game is taking place at the Glen Arbour Golf Course in Hammonds Plains – the second time the Maritimes have hosted the event.

With the tournament attracting some big name golfers, the affair is a rare treat for the more than 5,000 fans on hand.

“It’s always great to see the stars and see these guys in person that we watch on TV every week and just see how good they really are,” says fan Wayne Nelson.

“They make it look so easy and it isn’t, but they make it look that way,” says fan Peggy Carpenter.

The Skins Game is more laidback than most golf tournaments. Players are miked up and fans get a chance to cozy up with them.

However, Hollywood actor Kevin Costner may have gotten a little too close after one of his shots hit a woman on the sidelines.

“It wasn’t so embarrassing, it was sad,” says Costner. “I go over there and I knock it across and I hit this gal and she wants a date and I go, ‘that’s not golf, c’mon.’”

Costner’s golf partner, Halifax mayoral candidate Mike Savage, saw the whole thing.

“It was one of the few bad shots he hit and I guess he hit a spectator. All I heard was, ‘it’s OK, give me a hug.’ She didn’t seem to be all that concerned about it,” says Savage.

A hot, dry summer has kept course crews busy.

“This year was probably more difficult than some, but every year is difficult or different and it shows out there today. The golf course looks good,” says Mike DeYoung, the general manager at Glen Arbour.

Proceeds from the tournament are being donated to the IWK Health Centre. If you missed the action today, you can catch it again Aug. 21 on TSN.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Andy Campbell