The royal visit to New Brunswick has many Saint John residents hard at work. Preparations around the city's uptown core have been in full swing over the past few days.

City crews are sprucing up Prince William Street to make sure Saint John looks its best for Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall.

"Today, much of the prep taking place is just making the area look good," says Cultural Affairs Officer Bernard Cormier.

The royal couple will take a heritage tour to observe projects and activities related to the city's restoration.

Margaret Begner manages a Bistro in uptown Saint John. She's noticed lots of work being done.

"The past few days we've noticed everything got spruced up. The streets, the sidewalks, the lawns, the bus station, the flowers, everything looks to be ready for the big day," says Begner.

Her bistro is even cooking up a special addition to their lunch menu for Monday.

"We'll have a royal plate that will include smoked salmon, finger sandwiches and egg salad with water crescent sandwich, along with a soup to add to the day's festivities," says Begner.

Mya Moore-Spears will be among the lucky few who will have the opportunity to meet Prince Charles and Camilla. The grade four student will be presenting a volunteer project she's involved in.

"I'm going to where the ships dock, to the Marco Polo, and I'm going inside where Prince Charles and Camilla will be," says Moore-Spears.

For those looking to get a good glimpse of the royal couple, the cruise terminal and Prince William Street will be their only two stops in the Port City.

"The Marco Polo Cruise Terminal will be the better place because that's where they'll be mingling around and celebrating," says Bernard Cormier of the City of Saint john.

City staff says preparations will continue throughout the weekend to make sure the city looks its best.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ashley Dunbar