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'An explosion of public art': Unique murals are popping up in downtown Dartmouth


Twenty years ago, it might have been difficult to find someone who would describe downtown Dartmouth, N.S., as bright and cheerful.

But, colourful murals have been popping up in Dartmouth, lighting up the downtown district, and raising spirits of locals and visitors alike.

"There are so many incredible art pieces that have begun to appear in downtown Dartmouth in recent years," said Jane MacDougald, with The Dart Gallery, an art gallery on Portland Street.

"I think the community really appreciates how much they inspire."

Downtown Dartmouth is now home to more than a dozen murals, including 13 word murals and two neon murals, as well as sculptures and art installations.

On its website, the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission is encouraging residents and visitors to take a self-guided “Dartmouth art and selfie walk.”

"So, there's been, I feel like, kind of an explosion of public art,” said MacDougald.

MacDougald, a big fan of public art, says the colourful displays can really bring a new feeling to an area. She adds, so far, the response has been fantastic.

"I think people really feel a sense of excitement and pride in their community, and that's one of the best things about public art, is that it's exciting, it's cool," she says.

"It creates this beautiful sense of, this is my home and it's unique." Top Stories

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