It didn't make it onto this week's agenda at Halifax Regional Council, but the idea of an outright ban on plastic shopping bags isn't dead yet.

Regional Councillor Dawn Sloane is determined to raise the issue at next week's meeting, calling for a full-fledged study on the feasibility of the idea.

"I noticed that we do not have all the information that we need," Sloane told CTV News Tuesday evening. "Plus, the Retail Council of Canada and the Plastic Council of Canada wanted to send information as well, so I didn't want to go ahead with a complete ban without us actually doing the study."

Some big cities, including Toronto, have already passed laws to ban the use of plastic bags, many of which wind up in landfills.

Still, some aren't convinced Halifax should blindly follow suit.

"We can't just have a ban for the reason that others are doing it," said Mayor Peter Kelly. "We have to have make sure that we're able to sustain our own program."

Sloane plans to introduce a motion calling for the study at next week's meeting.