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'Canada’s Got Talent' stars return to Cape Breton roots


Twin brothers Evan and Aaron Turnbull were back at their old stomping grounds on Wednesday, belting out one tune after another

The 19-year-olds attended St. Anne’s Elementary School eight years ago, and were back performing for students and teachers.

“There's a lot of teachers we had when we were here and we left like eight years ago,” said Aaron Turnball. “It's crazy getting to see them again and getting to sing songs for the students.”

The duo has been the talk of the town since appearing on “Canada's Got Talent” last week.

“It's been awesome. A little bit stressful, but our phone has been ringing off the hook from places looking for us to play. It's a lot, but it's great,” said Evan Turnbull.

Showcasing their talent on the big stage has inspired others to follow their dreams.

“They watched the boys last week. We had a little assembly on Tuesday, they got to see that these fellas just started playing music recently, and now they know music or anything else can be achieved if they put their mind to it,” said Jane MacArthur, music teacher.

Aaron and Evan say their newfound fame has taken a little getting used to.

“It's been crazy. One minute, I was the guy that worked at Tim Hortons and now everyone in our hometown knows who I am,” said Aaron Turnbull.

The brothers hope to be back on “Canada’s Got Talent” for round two in May. Top Stories

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