HALIFAX -- A protest was underway on Saturday afternoon at the Canso Causeway in Cape Breton. Traffic was slowed as protesters handed out information and showed support for Wet'suwet'en First Nation leaders.

Holding signs and handing out information papers, those at the protest say some Canadians are very unaware of the issues First Nations people are facing.

The protest stems from a dispute over a pipeline in British Columbia, which has resulted in First Nations people forming blockades across Canada's rail lines – resulting in crippling effects to the nation's economy. Businesses are running low on propane and are in danger of closing. Meanwhile, thousands of rail workers have been temporarily laid off.

On Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, took a stand and told anti-pipeline protestors their blockades must come down, noting the blockades have paralyzed the nation's railroads and are hurting families.

Meanwhile, as the battle continues between First Nations leaders and the government, things remained in order on the causeway. Nova Scotia RCMP kept a close eye on the protesters, who remained peaceful in their demonstration – which was over by late afternoon.

Meanwhile, there is no deadline for the blockades to come down, and Trudeau is not ordering any action – relying instead on indigenous leaders to take the lead.