A close call for three men who decided to walk across the Saint John River in Fredericton Sunday night has emergency officials warning about the dangers of thin ice.

Police say the three men began their risky journey on the north side of Fredericton around the supper hour. It was dark outside and a freezing rain warning was in effect.

The Fredericton Fire Department was notified about the three men through a 911 call.

“It was someone concerned about their safety. We perform a number of ice water rescues annually, both people and animals,” says Chief Paul Fleming of the Fredericton Fire Department. “We are always thinking about the worst scenarios.” 

The three men did make it to the other side of the river. Waiting for them on riverbank was Fredericton fire, Fredericton police and Ambulance New Brunswick.

Nobody was injured.

The footprints on the river are about 100 metres away from the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge and open flowing water.

The St. John River can be especially volatile in the winter. The fluctuation in temperature and precipitation is making the river even more unpredictable

“The flowing water means the ice won’t be as thick as another body,” says Fleming.

No charges are being are laid, but the three men were given a verbal warning to keep off the river during the winter.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore.