HALIFAX -- One of the most significant landmarks in downtown Moncton has been vacant since 2015.

The former Moncton High School, previously home to 1,200 students, now sits quietly on Church Street.

Over the years, there have been many discussions on what to do with the building, including turning it into a commercial space.

Those discussions have been stalled since 2015.

"The former Moncton High School was found to be in a condition that required a lot of renovations, a lot of upkeep and improvements, and it was deemed by the province that it would be far superior to build a new high school with modern facilities and infrastructure for students," said Greg Turner, the MLA for Moncton South.

Turner says he has spoken to many former students who would like to see the building brought back to life.

"It certainly could be looked at, perhaps as a school, or also, the department of education offices could be relocated to that facility as well," said Turner.

"It would give new life to that whole area down there, not only that area but the city of Moncton, period," said John Staples, who owns Staples Drugs Pharmacy in Moncton. "For the arts, it would be fantastic because there's so many things that could be performed there."

Heritage Developments purchased the property from the province in 2016 at a price tag of $1 million.

CTV News reached out to Heritage Developments for an interview, but they did not respond.

"It's up to the owners of the building what they want to do with it," said Robert McKee, the MLA for Moncton Centre. "They've been seeking commercial tenants but haven't been able to secure anything to date. I think it's been stalled a little bit with COVID over the last year."

McKee says it's important to keep all options on the table.

"Moncton High really is the crown jewel of historical buildings in Moncton, so it's important that we do find a solution for it," said McKee.