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Halifax braces for mild temperatures, heavy rainfall and melting snow


In a February that has featured lots of snow, Halifax crews are working hard in numerous neighbourhoods preparing for more upcoming weather.

“They’re clearing out catch basins and obviously, those are spots where water could gather,” said Halifax Regional Municipality spokesperson Ryan Nearing.

Mild temperatures and heavy rainfall are in the forecast for parts of Nova Scotia, including the Halifax area.

Residents are urged to do whatever they can to prepare.

“Clear out as much as possible from the last snowfall,” said Nearing, as crews and residents prepare for what could be a flood-filled weekend due to rain and massive amounts of melting snow. “Check around your property, if you do have catch basins. Maybe try to clear them out a little bit because that makes it easier for municipal crews.”

Halifax Water is targeting snow that has packed-in thousands of city fire hydrants. Keeping storm drains unclogged is also a huge priority.

Streets on the Halifax peninsula, which are already narrow to begin with, are even trickier to navigate.

“It is very tough, especially some of the side streets,” said Halifax resident Norman Pancura. “What I find difficult, is people parking on both sides.”

Factor in the rain, and Norman Pancura is preparing for the worst.

“It will be challenging for people with flooding in their basements and such,” said Pancura.

In addition to mild temperatures, lots of rainfall, and melting snow, temperatures are expected to drop again in the coming days which could cause excess water to freeze.

Teams of city road-clearing workers, will be on standby.

“You will see those salt trucks out on the road,” said Nearing.

Drivers are urged to go slow, and move with caution as we brace for wet winter weather.

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