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Halifax hosts 2024 Senior Goalball Championships


The 2024 Senior Goalball Championship got underway this weekend at the Citadel Community Centre in Halifax.

“The turnout has been fantastic. We have lots of people coming in to watch. Families, friends, people in the public who are just interested in the sport,” said Jennie Bovard of Blind Sports Nova Scotia.

Goalball is the only sport specifically designed for blind and visually impaired athletes.

All participants wear black out eye shades and the ball has bells in it, so players can hear it and attempt to keep it out of their net.

“The sport is so unique it’s really impressive to see in person. That ball flies like 60 kilometers an hour sometimes when our guys throw it. So it’s very impressive, very high intensity,” said Bovard.

Goalball will be featured at the upcoming Paralympic Games in Paris this summer.

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