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Influenza outbreak declared at Charlottetown long-term care home


An influenza outbreak has been declared at a long-term care home in Charlottetown.

Prince Edward Home, a 120-bed combined long-term care facility, declared the outbreak in its Sunrise Place household.

Visitors are currently restricted to three partners-in-care for each Sunrise Place resident, and only one partner-in-care is allowed to be present at a time.

The visitor restrictions will stay in place until the outbreak is declared over.

Health PEI is reminding the public that they must mask at all times in their facilities.

“People need to understand the rules inside a Health PEI facility are not the same as when you’re out in public. Masks are required. Period. These outbreaks should not be happening,” said Health PEI CEO Dr. Michael Gardam, in a Monday news release.

“An outbreak means patients and residents are deprived of visitors. And if we can’t admit new patients or residents into a facility because of an outbreak, it means someone isn’t receiving the care they need right now.”

The health authority says admissions to Sunrise Place household are being limited to people currently or recently infected with influenza and on a case-by-case basis. Top Stories

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