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Jann Arden returning to the Maritimes for Habitat for Humanity fundraiser


Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia is throwing a house party-style fundraiser in Halifax next month that includes a performance by award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Jann Arden.

Habitat's Huge House Party will take place at the Halifax Convention Centre on June 16. The fundraiser is in support of local families in need of a place to call home.

“We’re just spreading the word, we’re raising money so that people have the opportunity, or a better opportunity, to have safe, affordable homes. A place to hang your hat,” Arden says.

“Life is a lot easier, no matter what happens in your life, whatever’s going on, if you’ve got a key for a door that you can go inside and grab your cozy blanket and sit on your couch, turn on some music -- all the rest of that is manageable. But home, I think, is where it starts and that’s important.”

Arden says Habitat for Humanity is trying to change the narrative that owning a home is an impossible dream for some people.

“That’s why it’s so important to have awareness, to have people donating their time, donating their energy, donating their money, to build affordable housing,” she says.

Arden will headline the event, which will also feature Maritime musicians Jon Cyr, Jah’mila, as well as Campbell & Johnston. It will also be hosted by Ricky from the “Trailer Park Boys.”

“We are going to have a hell of a kitchen party,” says Arden. “We’re going to be there, playing music and telling stories and having fun and engaging people. It’s a great combination when you can really have a wonderful evening and raise money and raise awareness.”

But what does Arden love the most about coming to the East Coast?

“Well, for one thing, Anne Murray lives there. So I’m going to go find her house, I’m going to sit outside of it, and maybe I’ll take a five iron, because I know she likes to golf, and I’ll just kind of throw pebbles at her window or something,” she joked. Top Stories

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