Police tape remains wrapped around a tree where 22-year-old Brady Francis was struck and killed.

It’s been 51 days since the hit-and-run, and RCMP are still investigating but have yet to lay charges.

One of Francis’ closest friends is pleading with the driver to come forward, saying his community of Elsipogtog First Nation can’t begin to heal until there is justice for Brady.

Police have released photos of the truck they believe was involved and would like anyone who saw the vehicle on February 24 to call their local detachment.

Robbie Ward and Brady Francis were close friends.  Ward says he understands this is a difficult case for police.

“Unless you get a confession it’s going to be very hard to charge somebody for what happened,” he says.

Earlier in April, RCMP closed a section of St. Charles Road near the location Francis was struck, they did so to complete some tasks that would allow them to finish parts of the ongoing investigation.

A couple weeks ago, hundreds of people gathered for a rally in Moncton demanding justice for Brady.

Ward admits there are times the wait is too much to handle.

“There’s been nights where I don’t sleep,” adds Ward. “There’s days where I miss work because I can’t function because I haven’t slept.”

He says closure would benefit family, friends, the community and the person who struck Francis and left the scene.

“I would say just confess because this is gone on too long. Confessing would probably help the one who hit him. Help deal with whatever is going on inside of them because I’m sure it’s got to be pretty hard because that’s somebody’s life that you took.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.