HALIFAX -- With Maritime schools closed, some teachers have come up with a unique way to say hello to their students and tell them they miss them.

From personal messages, to dancing, to music videos, teachers across the Maritimes are pulling out all the stops to reconnect with their students.

“The day I went to the classroom to pick up the things we were asked to take, it was very difficult.” says Tasha Tetanish, a grade primary teacher at Harry R. Hamilton Elementary in Middle Sackville, N.S. “There were some tears among the staff and we felt incomplete when we were leaving, we were wondering if we would get to say goodbye, and thank you for the time we had together,”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic closing schools, it’s unclear when students and teachers will be under one roof again.

Tetanish says her colleagues felt really disconnected from the students, and wanted to show they cared and were thinking of them.

“It’s been difficult to not be able to see their faces, to talk to them, to hear about their day, we really miss them,” says Tetanish.

For parents, it’s also an emotional time, but the videos are a great surprise, and a welcomed treat in a time filled with uncertainty.

“It was a real great surprise for all of us, as much as we laughed and loved seeing all the teachers in the video, I couldn’t help but get emotional. There were a few tears as well,” says Tracey Hilliard.

Staff at St. Anne’s Elementary in Glace Bay, N.S. posted a video to Facebook with teachers and staff sending personal messages to their students.

“I hope you’re all healthy, I think about you every day, and remember, wash your hands!” said one St. Anne’s teacher in a message to her pre-primary students.

“Be sure to read some of your favourite books, play with your favourite toys, and do some colouring, I can’t wait to see you all!” said another St. Anne’s teacher.

CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore showed the video to his daughter, Hailey, who is in grade one and hasn’t seen her teachers for more than two weeks.

“I liked it a lot,” said Hailey, with a smile on her face. “All of the teachers were saying nice things to help us get healthy and not catch the coronavirus.”

While the global pandemic and the circumstances around it might not be as clear to the kids in the younger grades, these videos come shining through.

“This is something that’s been so different,” says Tetanish. “We just needed some way to feel connected.”