There are always hundreds of animals looking for their forever home, and thanks to one woman, many have a great place to stay until they're taken in.

Jane Jorgensen has looked after hundreds of dogs over the past 40 years, welcoming strays of every kind to their farm in Pugwash, N.S.

Now she reviews applications to adopt animals for Litters 'n Critters. and fosters canines until they've found their forever home.

Shelley Cunningham works for Litters 'n Critters.

“Jane never says no to a foster dog," said Cunningham. "She takes them to the vet for us. She drives from one end of the province to the next to pick up a dog.”

This year alone, Jane has helped 59 dogs. She says the toughest part about finding them homes, is saying goodbye.

“When we started, I wanted to keep them all. Every dog that left, I cried and wanted to keep them.”

It’s all worth it though, she says, when you find the perfect owners for a dog.

Owners like Richard Patterson who say, “she has a good heart. She's compassionate with animals and people. Jane's just a wonderful person.”

So wonderful in fact, Jane won the Pets Plus Us Champion Award for volunteer of the year for all of Canada.

And Litters 'n Critters won the Urban Animal Summit Award for homing.

And now, we’re happy to have Jane also carry the title of Maritimer of the Week.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Matt Woodman.