HALIFAX -- While snow and freezing temperatures may not be many people’s idea of a good time – there is fun to be had. During harsh winter conditions that leave many Maritimers wishing for Spring to arrive, there remain brave individuals bundling up to enjoy the invigoration and good times found in the cold, crisp air.

After a slow start, winter arrived with a bang in Cape Breton, with two snowstorms in one week – turning the region from bare to buried. While some are already fed up with shovelling, on Friday, many in the area took advantage of the winter wonderland.

Members of a seniors ski club say they welcome the fresh powder.

"The socialization, exercise, fresh air, camaraderie – it's everything," says ski club member, Diane Sampson-MacNeil.

At ski hills across the Maritimes, heavy snowfalls translate into revenue.

"Right now, it's white outside, and that's what we like to see at Ski Ben Eoin," says Ski Ben Eoin employee, Paul Burke. “Today is our first day that we're doing full hours. We're going from 9:30 in the morning to 9 at night – hopefully, for the rest of the season, we're going to have busy, bustling days here."

At the McConnell Library in Sydney, snowshoes are being loaned-out. The library believes while there's nothing wrong with staying inside with a good book, it wants to encourage people to enjoy the winter outdoors.

"There's usually a little bit of a waitlist,” says McConnell Library librarian, Erin Phillips. “Right now, there are a lot of snowshoes behind the desk that people have put on hold."

In Halifax, the idea of a fun winter activity comes in the form of ice-skating at the Emera Oval. Meanwhile, other Maritime cities have popular events such as Frostival in Fredericton and the Jack Frost Winterfest in Charlottetown, both scheduled for later in the season.

Many Maritimers may recall 2019’s famed Irish Vale Ice Wall, which brought many Cape Bretoners out of hibernation. While it may have been a fluke of Mother Nature, it showed how much fun there is to be had outdoors during the chilly season.

"Everything looks a little bit different in the winter,” says Phillips. “You go on a familiar trail, but it will look different."

Meanwhile, on the slopes of Ski Ben Eoin, only a couple of runs are open; however, the entire mountain is expected to be operational soon.