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'Slow down!': N.B. road closure causes inconvenience, detour concerns


Heavy rainfall late last week has forced the closure of Route 106, the main artery that connects the communities of Dorchester and Sackville, N.B.

The road was closed to traffic early Monday evening, an inconvenience for some who live in the area.

Fluffy Tails Dog Grooming owner Arlene Tower lives about two minutes from the road closure and said she has customers who come from Dorchester, which normally is just five minutes away.

"Now, it will be inconvenient for them to take the detour," said Tower in an email to CTV News.

Tower said she drove her kids to school Tuesday morning after waiting 40 minutes for the bus.

"I decided to just drive them so they wouldn't be late. I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow," said Tower.

Garnet Joslin was heading to Sackville around noon when the closure signs caught him off guard.

He was asked if the road being closed was an inconvenience.

"I work from home, which it wouldn't be, but today it just happens to be super inconvenient," said Joslin.

A closed road in New Brunswick. (Derek Haggett/CTV Atlantic)

The detour to Sackville is only a few minutes longer, but it runs through Woodlawn Road, a secondary road.

Dorchester resident Paul Spence thinks it needs work.

"It's not designed for heavy traffic. Now it's going to get a lot of traffic," said Spence. "It's not in very good shape. Potholes. I mean, all you can put on it now is cold patch. You're limited in how much you can put on it. It is what it is I guess. Slow down!"

Spence's brother Peter took a bike ride to the closed off area to have a look for himself.

He agreed with his brother on the condition of Woodlawn Road.

"It could take some love and attention. It's chip-sealed all the way, but it's quite rough and breaking up. You have to be reasonably careful to keep your alignment aligned," he said.

Dorchester Fire Department Chief Greg Partridge is concerned about the closure.

"It's going to affect ambulance service. It's going to affect fire response. If we have to go to Sackville or if they have to come here as mutual aid. The ambulance, they'll have to go a different route, which is slower and rougher," said Partridge.

Partridge hopes the province will have it open soon.

"Hopefully they'll get at it right away because it's our main route," said Partridge.

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure spokesperson Jason Hoyt said they are planning for future repairs to the culvert on Route 106.

"The area remains closed to all traffic following damage from significant rainfall March 28-30," said Hoyt in an email. "A signed detour is available using Woodlawn Road and King Road."

Hoyt wouldn't say when construction might begin or end.

According to New Brunswick 511, which provides online highway information to motorists, the anticipated end time is May 31.

Hoyt said motorists can continue to monitor NB 511 for updates.

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