HALIFAX -- Nova Scotia is reviewing the quality of programs it provides through its regulated child-care centres.

The review by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development will also look at improving access to child-care centres and funding for them.

The review will include consultations with organizations and staff who work in the system, an online survey, focus groups, and meetings with program providers.

The government says a number of areas were identified for further review after a consultation in 2012.

Those include the accessibility to child-care and early learning programs, subsidy rates for families, program quality, wages and benefits for early childhood educators, and funding for programs and services.

The minister of education and early childhood development will receive a report and recommendations from department staff this spring.

The government recently brought in new regulations that increase its authority to ensure child-care staff have received criminal record checks before they're allowed to work with children. Under the old rules a staff person whose check had lapsed could continue to work for up to 90 days before they had to comply.