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P.E.I. reports 3 new COVID-19 deaths, decrease in hospitalizations, cases


Three people died from COVID-19 on Prince Edward Island last week, according to numbers released by the province Tuesday.

To date, 88 people on P.E.I. have lost their lives because of the virus.

The report shows a drop in new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

Data in the report covers Jan. 22 to 28.


The number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 fell to three, compared to the 12 reported last week. No one was receiving treatment in intensive care units as of Saturday.


New COVID-19 cases on P.E.I. fell to 65 from 149. An average of 93 PCR and rapid tests were performed daily last week, with about 11 per cent of them being positive. Their median age was 53.


As of Saturday, there were no COVID-19 outbreaks at long-term care or community care facilities, or any "other setting" in the province.

A full breakdown of this week’s COVID-19 report is available online. Top Stories

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