Prince Edward Island is launching another investigation after more than one-thousand dead fish turned up in a provincial waterway last weekend.

It is the fourth time in four years PEI has seen a significant fish kill.

The dead fish -- including brook trout, speckleback, rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon -- reported Saturday over a 3.5-kilometre stretch of the North River in central PEI.

Provincial enforcement official Wade MacKinnon says they haven't pegged the cause of the latest kill to pesticide runoff, but further tests are needed.

MacKinnon says in 2013, the province levied between 14-thousand and 17-thousand dollars in fines for violations of environmental and land-use laws related to pesticides.

Last year's fish kills were in the western PEI on the Trout and Mill Rivers.

In July 2012, about two-thousand dead fish were scooped out of a three-kilometre stretch of Barclay Brook near Coleman.

There was also a fish kill reported from the same area in 2011.