Many think Cape Breton is one of the prettiest places on Earth.

Homegrown photographers are using various social media platforms to blow people away with the island's beauty.

Photography website is a rich tapestry of colourful landscapes and some spell-binding shots of Mother Nature in some of her unguarded moments.

“There are a few wonderful photographers here in Cape Breton, and we do like to get together and share tips, share secrets, share locations,” said nature photographer Adam Hill.

Locations like deep in the heart of moose country in the Cape Breton Highlands, or as close to a family of foxes as you can get for a once-in-a-lifetime click of the camera.

While their photos are wowing people on social media, the story behind a shot like one Hill got of a loon chick riding on its parent’s back is as grassroots as it gets.

“Basically, I arrived a couple of hours after the chick hatched and then returned the next day to get the shot of the chick riding on the parent's back,” Hill said.

Patience is an important skill in the outdoor photographer's repertoire, but Hill and his colleagues are also becoming ambassadors of sorts for the natural beauty of Cape Breton.

They’re showcasing stunning views -- as never before seen -- on social media, to a worldwide audience.

“Instagram or Facebook has been great to us to show people what is here and to appreciate what is here a bit more,” Hill said.

Now, the island's tourism body is tapping into this sort of talent.

Destination Cape Breton is shining a spotlight on 15 of the island's outdoor adventure Instagrammers.

The goal: to draw visitors to scenic spots with the click of a mouse.

Adam Hill says he and his friends love showing off not only their work, but their home island, on social media.

“Saying, ‘look at this spectacular vista we have here on Franey Mountain,’” Hill said. “Oh by the way, on the way down, I saw three moose.”

In quiet moments such as that, Hill feels he and his fellow artists have one of the best canvasses on the planet.

“What more can you ask for? It's a photographer's paradise,” Hill said.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald.