For Maritimers wondering what to do with their left-over Halloween jack-o-lanterns, one Nova Scotian family has a solution – feed them to the pigs!

In Cole Harbour, N.S., pumpkins have been piling up in the yard of the Jannex family who plan to donate the nutritious produce to some very lucky pigs, who will no doubt enjoy devouring the post-holiday offerings.

Two years ago, the Jennex family began Pumpkins for Piggies – and every November 1st, the amount of gourds on their lawn grows exponentially.

“This was my favourite part of Halloween,” says Layla Jennex.

The repurposed jack-o-lanterns will be donated to Moo Nay Farms in Cooks Brook, N.S., where they will quickly turn from decoration to dinner.

Moo Nay Farms owner, Melvin Burns began collecting pumpkins from farmers' markets five-years ago but now collects from businesses and homes across two municipalities. He’s thankful for the generous donations and notes the pigs are as well, given pumpkins are full of nutritional benefits and a great source of Vitamin C and fibre.

"It's just another method of reducing food waste," says Burns.

And Jennex agrees, noting it teachers her daughters environmentally-friendly habits, while bringing the community together.

"My daughters absolutely love sitting in the window and watching everybody come by,” says Jannex. “They talk to everybody – the response we get from the community is absolutely amazing."

Jannex says her first batch of pumpkins was dropped off on Thursday night but expects a steady flow of deliveries piling up on her lawn until mid-November. She encourages anyone interested in contributing to do so, but asks that those making donations to assure pumpkins are not painted and that all extra decorations, like toothpicks and candles, have been removed.

"Please drop your pumpkins off!" says Jennex.