FREDERICTON, N.B. -- The escalating violence in the Middle East prompted a number of rallies across the Maritimes, including a large gathering at Fredericton City Hall on Sunday.

More than 150 people gathered in downtown Fredericton on Sunday afternoon to show their solidarity with Palestinians.

“In Canada we enjoy a lot of things that people don’t really enjoy in the Middle East, like freedom of speech and respect for human life and human rights,” says Amir Rached.

“I have family in Palestine and Gaza, and I have family in the West Bank, and they’re living in fear all the time of losing their homes, losing their land and losing their loved ones,” says rally organizer Laila Abuamar.

The President of Fredericton’s Sgoolai Israel Synagogue says the violence is a tragedy for both sides.

“It’s very disheartening. The death and destruction is difficult to see at any time, in any country, and to see this problem going for so long, thousands of years, makes it even more tragic,” says Ivan Levine.

Police stood by during Fredericton’s demonstration, partially blocking Queen Street on the block where the crowd had gathered.

A different approach than police in Halifax took on Saturday, where a number of $2,000 tickets were handed out during a car rally.

“There was a rally in the area of Inglis Street and Tower Road, and the same methodology was applied to ensure the community was kept safe. It was identified as an illegal gatherings, and the individuals were dealt with to ensure public safety,” said Halifax Regional Police Chief Dan Kinsella.

Organizers and attendees of the Fredericton rally admitted they were surprised by the large turnout in New Brunswick’s capital city.

A rare gathering calling for peace, at a time when most gatherings are limited.