An ice wall in Irish Vale, N.S. formed by high winds has many visitors wondering how safe it is.

“I don’t think it’s safe at all,” said Aubrey Lloyd.

Hundreds of people, from toddlers to seniors, have stopped to take a look at the phenomenon that Mother Nature formed.

“You could fall, hurt themselves, get cut, you know,” said Lloyd. “They could fall into a crevice there or something, and what’s an elderly person going to do if there’s no one around to help them, you know?”

“It doesn’t look very safe right now, but it’s pretty well intact, pretty well frozen,” said Larry Keel. “So, I’m going to try it anyway.”

Big Pond Volunteer Fire Department Chief, John Pronk, says they haven’t received any calls of anyone getting hurt, or in trouble on the wall. But due to no emergency crews on site, he is advising the public to be vigilant when taking the climb.

“My concern right now would be small children being too adventurous,” said Pronk. “And if I could send a message out there, just exercise caution.”

CBRM councilor, Ivan Doncaster says it’s not only the safety on the wall they are concerned about, but the vehicles parked along the highway as well.

“The traffic lining up along the highway is causing a safety problem,” said Doncaster. “There are a lot of tractor trailers traveling that route, and there have been a couple of close calls already.”

RCMP say although it is not illegal to climb the wall, they are advising people to use common sense. They also added that day-to-day weather may dictate how treacherous or slippery the ice wall may be.

Although many are questioning the safety of the wall, they still can admit that it is a beautiful force of nature.

“It’s beautiful,” said Lloyd. “I drove from Glace Bay to see this, and it’s worth it.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ryan MacDonald