DARTMOUTH, N.S. -- The fiancée of a Halifax-area man who was murdered late last year says she's frustrated there have been no arrests in the case.

Jason Andrew Smith died in hospital after being brought in with suspicious, life-threatening injuries.

The woman he planned to marry says she never got to say goodbye and people with information should come forward in the name of justice.

In the quiet solitude of her home in Dartmouth, Soniya Smith doesn't have to look further than her own walls for warm reminders of the man she loved.

Having known each other since high school, she and Jason only connected romantically a couple of years ago.

The bond was immediate -- and powerful.

"He was my life partner," Soniya Smith said. "He was my best friend."

Jason and Soniya planned to get married in June 2021 and they shared much more than the same last name.

She says her 45-year-old fiance was a jokester, the life of the party, and an all-round good guy.

They were planning a wedding before that terrible day in December.

Jason Smith was taken to the Dartmouth General Hospital with serious injuries, ultimately leading police to an address in East Preston, where they spent a good part of the following day.

All of it is frustrating for Soniya Smith, who never got to say goodbye to Jason in the hospital.

"The first day I saw him was the day before his funeral in his casket," she said.

Jason left behind a large family, who gathered in East Preston on Christmas Eve for his funeral.

Police haven't said much about the case, except that it's still very much an open investigation, and they would like to hear from anyone with information.

"Somebody definitely knows some information," said Halifax District RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Lisa Croteau. "People sometimes won't talk to the police, so if you want to stay anonymous and call Crime Stoppers, then that information helps us a lot."

Now, surrounded by memories of what was -- and what could have been -- Soniya Smith is hoping there will be justice for Jason.

"Somebody knows something," she said. "Somebody's either going to be convicted by God himself, with their conscience, or just know that there are people out here that need answers, because we can't have people that take people's lives and still be walking in society with us. It's just unfair."