HALIFAX -- Tourism operators in Atlantic Canada have April 19 circled on their calendars because that's when the Atlantic bubble reopens.

"We are very happy that as a destination that we can actually start marketing to Atlantic Canadians and hopefully motivating some travel around the province," said Neil Mackenzie, the executive director of the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Tourism Association.

He says some unique experiences are ready to welcome visitors.

"You're going to be able to climb the world-famous light station at Cape Forchu," Mackenzie said.

On Prince Edward Island, golf bookings are already ahead of a normal season and about two thirds of them are coming from outside of Atlantic Canada.

"I think most of our trip bookings, they believe that travel restrictions will be lifted and they will be able to come," said Mark McLane, the executive director of Golf PEI.

Last year, the bubble opened July 3, making for a shorter season at the Wharf Village in Moncton. Owner Jenna Cann says even then, people were hesitant to travel. She hopes it will be different this time around.

"By June, July, and August, with fingers crossed and toes crossed, everything will stay the same and more travel will be accepted and people will feel comfortable visiting their neighbouring provinces," Cann said.

New Brunswick's health minister is still urging caution, saying the opening of the bubble doesn't mean people can become careless.

"Let's keep our household bubble with that steady 15," said Dorothy Shepherd. "Let's enjoy the summertime that we have coming up, let's be careful, let's follow public health measures."

Because as we saw in 2020, the bubble can burst almost as quickly as it opens.