When Canadian rockers Nickelback take the stage on Magnetic Hill in Moncton this weekend, thousands of fans will be cheering them on. However, one Dieppe resident says he won’t be able to go, in part, because of the public transit lockout.

“I can’t wait until the concert, but the problem is I don’t have a drive to go there,” says Nickelback fan Jamie Vautour.  

Vautour’s mother spent $350 on concert tickets for the family, but he says getting a bus that is wheelchair accessible from Champlain Place is no longer an option because of the transit lockout, and they can’t afford the cost of a cab all the way to Magnetic Hill.

“It is not fair because my mom granted me that wish, to go see Nickelback, and now I can’t go because the reason why is the problem of transportation,” says Vautour.

Moncton business owners are hoping the transit situation won’t stop them from filling their tills. Pub owner Lilia Fraser says it is a before-and-after situation.

“We wouldn’t probably have too many people during the concert itself, but we will usually be hit before the concert,” says Fraser.

“Because of our location, it definitely has brought in business, although not as busy as with the Bruce Springsteen concert. That has sold out a lot quicker,” says hotel manager Stella Tennant.

Concert promoter Ken Craig says they are ready for the show and are hoping to see 35,000 screaming fans attend the event.

“That is what we are building on, as far as security, police, paramedics, food and beverage,” says Craig.

The venue is almost ready, following days of seating and stage construction.

Gates will open Saturday at 1 p.m. and the opening acts, which are all Canadian, start at 3:30 p.m.

With files from CTV Atlantic's David Bell