SYDNEY -- For some folks in Cape Breton, it's not too early to gather around the Christmas tree and start picking out presents.

They are not using your typical holiday catalogue, though, and the gifts are for people fighting some of life's toughest battles.

"We have gifts that are going to help people from pediatrics, to cancer care, mental health, and crossroads -- all across the board," said Ricky McCarthy of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation."It's going to help our hospital, it's going to help the community, and it's going to help the patients that really need that support."

It's the second year for the "Because You Care" catalogue.

Some of most popular items purchased last year were for the "Caleb's Courage" movement, which helps children and their families receiving hospital care. It was created in memory of little Caleb MacArthur, who battled cancer.

Many of the gifts were picked out by Caleb's mother.

"They all were either things that were meaningful to us as a family when Caleb was sick, or things that I thought other families would value and appreciate," said Nicole MacArthur.

A car dealership in Sydney is matching the first $10,000.

"We know everyone in the community has somebody who has been affected by an illness or something that has happened," said Grant Colbourne of Colbourne Ford. "So we feel it's dear to our hearts and everyone else's hearts in the community.  So we feel that making this donation would help push it along."

Last year, more than $56,000 worth of presents were purchased and they're hoping to exceed that total this year.

It's an idea that's been well-received.

Giving a gift to someone in need is also a good idea for that person on your list who's impossible to buy for.

"Giving people the gift of medication, or the comfort of possibly putting gas in their gas tank, or things like that," said McCarthy. "(Those) are things that really made an impact."

McCarthur says "it's so special to have this opportunity for other people in the community to honour Caleb, but also help other children, because that's really what Caleb's courage is all about."

The catalogues are available around town, and online for those who believe in the well-known saying, that it is better to give than receive.