Fenwick MacIntosh will not be getting out of prison anytime soon.

An appeal court in Nepal has upheld the Nova Scotia businessman's seven-year sentence for molesting a 15-year-old boy in that country.        

In January, the prison warden told CTV News the 72-year old has been undergoing treatment for leukemia.

The court's decision comes as welcome news to Bob Martin, one of MacIntosh's Canadian victims.

"They took their time, they looked at the evidence and they were paying attention there,” said Martin. “I congratulate them on how it's working."

Martin is one of a number of men who filed charges against MacIntoshdating back to the 1970s.

Though convicted on 17 sex-related counts, the convictions were thrown out because of the length of time it took to bring Macintosh to trial.      

MacIntosh can still appeal his case to Nepal's Supreme Court.  

A fine intended to go to MacIntosh's young victim has been reduced from the equivalent of about $13,000 CDN to nearly $3,900.