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Impending wind and rain sparks fear in some Maritimers


While the Maritimes brace for more wind and rain, those still working to repair the damage of post-tropical storm Fiona fear what's coming.

"Our house had a quick patch job, but we had a nasty storm last week that ripped everything off and water came pouring in and we were getting pretty nervous," said Sean Casey, a resident of Glace Bay, N.S.

On Wednesday, repairs were made by The Mennonite Disaster Service, a volunteer organization that is still assisting with Fiona recovery in Cape Breton.

"We're getting a nervous twitch because just regular Nor’easter winds hitting here all of the loose siding is taping and knocking, so yeah we're nervous tonight with another big storm," said Casey.

Many others, including contractors, also spent most of Wednesday preparing for the impending weather.

"I'm very concerned about the forecast I didn't sleep a wink last night," said Lynne McCarron, Executive Director of United Way Cape Breton. "A lot of homes have temporary roofs and even more have just tarps on them with strapping and on the weekend we had a lot of those blow off."

McCarron says the problem is finding contractors to do the work while still so much damage is in need reparation.

"I've got three pages here of roofs we are working on. We have minor repairs were trying to do as quickly as we can, so we can mitigate any further damage, but there are major repairs that have to be done, but what we're trying to do is make them weather tight," said McCarron. Top Stories

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