It will be at least six weeks before nursing home workers in New Brunswick will know if they’ll be allowed to strike.

Evidence and testimony presented at acourt hearing in Moncton on Friday will determine whether the workers are considered an essential service.

The court heard arguments from both sides about whether all workers should be entitled to the right to strike.

“We've never had the opportunity to have discussions that were fair, right?” said Sharon Teare, president of the New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions.“What isn’t fair is that they’re willing to strip away the rights without any mechanisms set there in place.”

Justin Wies is the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes legal services assistant.

“This is about protecting residents In the event of a strike,” Wies said. “We're not trying to say a strike shouldn’t happen, but ensuring that exclusively these services that we provide to residents are maintained in the event of a strike.”

Nursing home workers have been without a contract for over two years.

The judge says a decision on the matter will be made July 5.